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Tips for Creating A Real Estate Logo

Your real estate brand logo is the most essential part of your brand and taking the time to create a real estate brand logo is a necessity. Your brand logo creates a significant impact on first impressions and we all know how important initial impressions are. Think of it as your avatar in a dating app; if you want to attract the right customers and have them fall in love with you, your avatar needs to showcase your best and unique qualities.


Identify Your Brand

The first step in creating a real estate brand logo is to identify your brand. Why did you start your business? What are your company’s beliefs and values? What makes you unique? Which three words describe your brand? Before diving into visualizing the feel and look of your logo, try and answer these questions first to set the phase for your brand logo.


Find Inspiration

Start with either brainstorming, sketching, or creating a mood board of logos that you like. We recommend using websites such as Pinterest to help you encapsulate a mood board. Remember that the more you are able to communicate visually your vision of your brand logo, the easier it will be for your designers to bring it into reality.


Choose the Right Design Style

Design styles range from classic, retro, vintage modern, minimalist, and handcrafted. Try to look at your mood board and find the commonalities in them. From there, you can let your designer categorize them into a specific style. 


Pick Your Logotype

There are 7 essential main types of logos you can choose from; letter marks, wordmarks, pectoral marks, abstract marks, mascots, a combination mark, and an emblem. Think of your target audience and decide which logotype will work best.


Choose Your Brand Colors

Different colors have different meanings. Go back to step 1 and think of the message you want to convey to your audience. At the end of the day, your brand colors should reflect your style and personality. 



Often overlooked by most real estate agents, fonts style is one of the biggest components of a logo. Whether you decide on using serif, sans serif, script, or display fonts your font style should resonate with your personality and style. 


Visualize Your Logo

Some logos look great up close and look like inkblots from afar. This is because most fail to consider where they will actually be placing and seeing their brand logo. Imagine all of the places you would want to see your logos and build a design based on that. 

All of these tips can only get you so far. Enlist the help of real estate digital marketing professionals to bring your vision into reality. Reach out to us today and let’s start moving your business forward!