iHomefinder Dashboard Walkthrough

iHomefinder is one of the most popular IDX plugins available to real estate agents. To help you decide on whether or not iHomefinder is the right plugin for you, here’s a high-level iHomefinder dashboard walkthrough:


To start, simply navigate to your IDX dashboard and log into your WordPress backend and click the IDX dashboard on the left to view your main dashboard. The initial page’s top navigation contains all the main functions of the iHomefinder plugin. The sub-navigation for all the main functions can be located on the left side. 


Lead Activity

All recent leads captured through your website as well as basic analytics will be shown in your Lead Activity. You can opt to view more granular reports by looking at all the leads in your database through a button on the left called the leads list.


All leads reports may be exported as a CSV file. A function in iHomefinder will also allow you to create control parameters for activities such as email delivery. 


View Properties that Clients have Viewed

One cool feature of iHomefinder is it enables you to see properties that a particular client has reviewed. This will allow you to capture higher-quality leads and set up more targeted subscriptions to clients.


Create Market Reports

iHomefinder allows you to create market reports depending on the level of data subscription you have. For example, if you’re looking to focus on a specific region or neighborhood, iHomefinder will allow you to use a drawing tool to highlight a specific area and view the active listings there. 


Connect Your Listings

Another cool feature in iHomefinder is that it allows you to connect it to either your own listings or your office’s listings. Any sold or pending listings can be posted in iHomefinder.


Activity Reports

In Reports, you can immediately see a top-level report overview page which you can drill down on the left navigation. Other reports include email activity, organizer activity, leads, contacts, and mobile statistics. 


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